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Workplace Interactive Training Seminars are an innovative way to enable individuals and groups to achieve personal and team goals, and have fun in the process.  It was developed by the folks at ComedySportz, who have been entertaining corporations since 1987.  WITS is a unique, hands-on approach that will motivate any group to heights of productivity they never thought possible.

No Charts. No Slides. No Kidding.

In a matter of minutes, we create a low-stress atmosphere where people can relax and learn together.  Whether it’s a group of individuals who have never met before, or a team that shares the same cubicle every day, the WITS process unites and inspires participants to interact more efficiently.

We’ll even come to your office, so you don’t have to worry about transporting your team to an offsite location.

Through a unique combination of exercises, games and activities, WITS brings participants together to help meet business objectives and needs such as:

  • Training
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Group Trust
  • Fun & Laughter

Our method is a unique hands-on, get out of your chair and have fun approach that will have everyone energized and laughing from the beginning.  It’s low impact and low stress.  By working in teams, we eliminate the fear of the individual and focus instead on harnessing the energy of the group.

Improv Training
Take your team to new levels with a unique approach to Training.  Using the principles of improv comedy, your teams will learn creative problem solving, create group trust and communicate more effectively…and they will be laughing from start to finish.

Round Robin Competition
Let our facilitators teach your group the basics of improv comedy.  Then we break your group into teams and coach them in a friendly improvised competition.  With a little coaching from a WITS facilitator, you can be the star of the show.

Energy Break for Meetings
Need to bring the energy up during a long day of meetings?  Let WITS handle the crowd.  A mini-workshop is the perfect way to refocus the group and stretch your muscles and your mind.

At WITS, your training options are endless.  You can either choose from our current list of expertly developed training sessions, or a WITS instructor will be happy to design a new training program that’s tailor-made for your group.

In an increasingly impersonal, high-pressure work environment, WITS provides employees the opportunity to interact face-to-face without fear, and use the international language of FUNto support each other and open the door to unlimited success as a team.

All WITS workshops are portable with no set up charges, and no material fees.  We can bring WITS to you, or partner with you to find a suitable offsite location.

One of the main tenets of improvisation is flexibility.  At WITS, we stand ready to customize our existing training programs, or create a new experience for your organization.

All of our staff are experienced in improvisation and Training, having performed in thousands of shows and workshops across the United States.  We know what it takes to deliver an experience that is low on stress and high on FUN.

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Our Clients Say:

“I’ve never done anything like it before!  Taking a workshop is like discovering a third side of your brain.  We had a great time getting to know each other better, and now working together is easier, ideas flow faster and problems are solved, well, with no problem!
-Apple Computer

“Last year the technician group was having some severe communication problems. I used the “Wits” seminar as
part of the technician offsite. After the seminar, the problem was resolved and we all have a great deal of trust for each other.”
– Guidant

“It is amazing how fast you have the MOB turned into a TEAM.”
– Blue Martini Software

“WITS is a fun, hands-on approach that has helped us enhance communication, group trust, and teamwork.”
– Chip Express

“We would be happy to recommend you to any organization seeking effective teambuilding through creative fun.”
– County of Santa Clara

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