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ComedySportz has been a nationally acclaimed leader in corporate entertainment since 1984. We have provided dynamic interactive performances for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, eBay, Yahoo, Cisco and Kaiser Permanente. With 20 locations across the United States, ComedySportz has developed a national reputation with thousands of performances and millions of fans.

Our unique combination of clean, creative comedy in an interactive format makes ComedySportz an ideal choice for any event. Perhaps best of all, our performers are so talented that they don’t need to rely on offensive humor. So whether you’re sitting next to your kids, your CEO or your grandmother, you know everyone is going to have a great time!!!

We’ll even custom-tailor our show to your event. By collecting information about your company before the event, we’re able to completely customize the performance around your group.

ComedySportz: ComedySportz is the award winning interactive comedy show where teams or performers improvise an entire show all based on audience suggestions. It’s clean, fast and fun for all audiences. Performances can be custom tailored for any group.

Scrapbook: Important moments of the featured guest’s life are re-enacted just the way they remember…with a little artistic embellishment. First dates, worst jobs, most embarassing moments…you see it all live!

Some of our corporate clients include: Apple Computer, Applied Materials, Intel Corporation, Global Village, Netcom, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, 3Com, United Way, Club Med, Cisco Systems, Symantec, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Silicon Graphics, NEC, Stratacom, Kaiser-Permanente, Stanford University, YMCA, American Red Cross, University of California, TheatreWorks, National Semiconductor, Sun Microsystems, Hughes, Tandem Computer, California State University Altos, Santa Clara University (check out the complete list!)

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Our Clients Say:

“Best convention entertainment I’ve ever seen!”

“Fun & creative…It led to a successful, productive and active meeting.”
Apple Computer

“You may end up as Cisco’s personal comedy team!”
Cisco Systems

“The show was great!!!”

“The most productive and memorable offsite meeting we’ve ever had!”
National Semiconductor

“A perfect act for the workplace of today!”

“Your team delivered and our team cracked up!”

Thanks again for a terrific afternoon of fun. Our team loved it.
TV Guide

“You helped to make this event one of our best ever.”

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New Friday Schedule - ComedySportz now starts at 8:00PM!