Player Spotlight: Chayton “shot of” Whiskey

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Chayton “Shot of” Whiskey

One day while wondering through a forest, Chayton found the trees slowly being replaced with fur coats. Eventually he discovered that he had, in fact, walked in to a wardrobe. Upon exiting the wardrobe he found himself in a magical land known as San Jose, California. However, when he tried to return back to his homeland the magical wardrobe had turned into a regular wardrobe. The family whose house he had adventured into took him in as one of their own. The family themselves insisted that Chayton was not actually from some foreign land within a wardrobe but was actually birthed unto them in Santa Clara, and he had actually experienced a thing called “a dream.” After showing him the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” and countless Mel Brooks movies, Chayton decided to believe them and become a productive member of society.

Chayton discovered improv at a very young age by watching almost every episode of “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” It wasn’t until high school that he began to actually do improv. It was there that he and Danraj Rajasansi became improv buddies, as well as best friends. After seeing ComedySportz on a field trip, he and Danraj started their own Evergreen Valley High School ComedySportz High School league team. After High School he continued taking improv classes and eventually became a member at ComedySportz San Jose.

Chayton is currently working on a degree in History, and works as a Lifeguard at a local YMCA. Chayton spent the majority of his young life in the Boy Scouts, where he eventually received the rank of Eagle Scout. When Chayton isn’t playing at ComedySportz, he can be found in mosh pits or diving off the stage at metal concerts.  Chayton is a huge fan of metal (and the vast array of sub-genres), Lord of the Rings, Vikings, Mel Brooks films, reading comics (primarily Wolverine, Thor, and Deadpool), playing guitar, and reading and writing poetry (his favorite poet being Edgar Allen Poe.) Some of his favorite TV shows include, “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,” and “Whose Line is it Anyway.” In addition to going to concerts, one of Chayton’s favorite past times is playing Call of Duty with several other ComedySportz players. If you’ve seen Chayton play, you probably realize that he’s rather tall; and to answer your question, no he doesn’t play basketball, he played water polo.

Player since: February, 2013

Favorite Game(s): Replay at Bernie’s, Game-O-Matic, Accent Roller Coaster, Dirty Hand Randy

Favorite CSz Moment: “One night we played Replay with a musical option. Our music genre ended up being Death Metal. All the other players just stepped aside and let me go all out.”

Insider Statz: “Performing at CSz is what relaxes me. I could be having the worst day and be in a horrible mood, but the second I get on stage and we start the first game all my problems melt away. I consider everyone I work with here family.”

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