Ring in the New Year with ComedySportz!

Posted on 28. Dec, 2013 by in News

It’s a ComedySportz tradition and we’re giving you two options for New Year’s Eve this year. Join us at 7:00pm or 10:00pm. Tickets are only $25 and include party favors, and Psycho Donut buffet as well as champagne/sparkling cider toast. And both shows will include a countdown to midnight (hey, at 9pm it will be […]

Player Spotlight: Chayton “shot of” Whiskey

Posted on 27. Dec, 2013 by in Blog, CSz Culture, Improv

One day while wondering through a forest, Chayton found the trees slowly being replaced with fur coats. Eventually he discovered that he had, in fact, walked in to a wardrobe. Upon exiting the wardrobe he found himself in a magical land known as San Jose, California. However, when he tried to return back to his […]

Player Spotlight: Taylor “XTREME” Sternberg

Posted on 20. Dec, 2013 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Taylor never wanted to do ComedySportz. He was forced into it in High School when the president of the Theater Arts Club removed the historic “Improv Night” and replaced it with ComedySportz. After his reluctance, Taylor fell in love with the show, and has been making audiences groan at his puns ever since. Originally from […]

Special Xmas Night Show

Posted on 20. Dec, 2013 by in News

Sure, Christmas Day is fun, but by the evening you’ll have played with all of your toys and gotten sick of looking at each other. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas you’ll be even more bored. We’ve got the solution for you -Chinese Food and ComedySportz! We’ll be doing a special show at the Addison […]

Loyal Fanz - Our Second Harvest Food Bank collection barrel will be out at our front ticket counter in the lobby... http://t.co/ewbI3QPV
New Friday Schedule - ComedySportz now starts at 8:00PM!