What we’re thankful for – drum(stick) roll please…

Posted on 21. Nov, 2012 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Happy Thanksgiving, Loyal Fanz! Before the tryptophan kicks in, a few CSz playerz want to share some gratitude with you – let us know your own in the comments!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday,

Courtney  | @CourtneyPong

“I am thankful that I have clever friends who will play “Cards Against Humanity” with me until we are sore and crying from laughter and at least one of us has thrown up a little bit. And I have a wife and daughter too, and they are pretty cool.”  – David Scott

“I am thankful for the friends, family, and doggies in my life. And hugs. Also, caramel apples.” – Marisa Hankins

“I am thankful for the unflinching and unconditional love of my dogs, spellcheck and the great friends and fans at ComedySportz San Jose. Oh yeah, and TV show The Walking Dead.” – Michael Wilcoxen

“This year I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to do and accomplish. I’ve created a new sketch show at CSz with some of my closest friends, and have challenged myself to make the next show even better. I’m thankful to be in a position that allows me the freedom and creativity to make that happen.” – Jimmy Snell

“I’m thankful for not being quoted in this blog post.” – Drew Simchik

“I’m thankful for a boss who trusts me. I’m also thankful for the upcoming snowboarding season since the weather is supposed to be much more snowy than last year (bring on the “pow-pow”)! Last but not least, I’m majorly thankful for my extended ComedySportz family – Loyal Fanz and playerz alike.” – Brianne Kostielney

I am thankful that my kid is too short to reach my candy dish on top of the fridge.
I am thankful that the day after Halloween candy is cheaper.
I am thankful that the day after Valentine’s Day candy is cheaper.
I am thankful that the day after Easter candy is cheaper.
I am thankful that my dentist is a kind, understanding woman who does her best, even though it might just not be good enough.
I am thankful that my insurance agent says they can’t cover all my dental expenses, and shows me the value of a dollar.
I am thankful that my therapist tells me to just “get over” my anger at my dentist and insurance agent.
I am thankful that my car trunk can hold three bodies.”   – Nathan Diehl

“I’m thankful for a God that loves me and takes care of me no matter what happens.” – Lil

“I’m thankful for my family and especially for the three little rascals (a.k.a my niece and nephews). I’m thankful for good health and independence. I’m thankful that I get to stretch my creative muscle and constantly be blown away by the funny of the CSz San Jose playerz… Play on playaz!” – Lilach Levinkron




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