What We’re Thankful For (it’s better than Green Bean Casserole!)

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It’s going to be a busy weekend, with the annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot on Thursday and our special ComedySportz Mashup matches on Saturday – but before we get swept into the holiday hustle, we wanted to pause reflect on what a few CSz’ers are thankful for this 2011. Enjoy and add some thankfulness of your own in the comments section here if the power of the blog compels you! Happy Thanksgiving!


“I’m thankful that some of my best friends let me get on stage and goof around with them on a semi-regular basis.  I’m thankful that that’s actually entertaining to other people. I’m thankful that I also have two children that goof around with me on a semi-regular basis when I’m not making them do homework.  I’m thankful that my family and friends put up with me when I’m not making them do homework.” – Derek “The Real” McCaw


“I’m thankful I waited 42 years to find my true love.  Just don’t tell my wife or she’ll be mad…” –  Jeff “Non-Dairy” Kramer


“I’m thankful for my friends who have been especially good to me this year.  Thanks to my best friend Corey for using his sarcasm and wit to cheer me up when I needed it most.  Thank you to CSz SJ Playerz Sam “The Dark” Neipp for helping me move, Tara “Ra Ra” Paulson for all her pet sitting help, and Karin “Me & Bobby” McKie for all the great chats and for introducing me to a famous mime.” –   Brianne “Abbott And” Kostielney


“I’m thankful for family, friends, laughter and TiVo.” – Kevin “Shaquille” O’Shea


“I’m thankful for the wonderful family and friends I have been blessed with, and especially in the CSz family- local and abroad.  Life is sweeter with you all in it. Also, I’m thankful for my bike, turkey burgers, yoga when I actually go, and Ryan Gosling/Ryan Gosling’s abs.” – Courtney “Let Me See That” Pong


“I am thankful for my lovely wife and our great family (including 300 pounds of dogs known as Elphaba and Guste).  I also am thankful for my amazing ComedySportz family and the great friends I have made through ComedySportz.  I am thankful that Jeff has created a place for this bunch of misfits and miscreants to come together and laugh and play, and that our Loyal Fanz come down to watch us be silly, because otherwise I would have to spend my time at local parks and Occupy ­insert relevant location here Protests entertaining the crowd with my pun and rhyming skills.  Oh yeah…and I am thankful for my iPad…” – Michael “Bolton” Wilcoxen


“I’m thankful for my friends and family, and that I will get to spend the Christmas holidays in Kansas with them.  I’m thankful for my ComedySportz family, in which I will celebrate 1 year with at the end of the month! Mostly I’m thankful for you that are reading this, because it confirms that there is someone who wastes as much time as I do reading stuff on the Internet.  I would like to thank Kevin O’Shea for offering to give all of us at ComedySportz Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads and iMacs for Christmas.* And finally, thanks to Derek McCaw for keeping me warm at night.”** –  Andy “Perspirant” Alder


“This year I’m thankful for being a part of CSz. Ever since I became a player, I’ve felt welcome and supported by the whole team through thick and thin. They’ve become a second family (albeit a motley one) to me, and together we’ve shared more laughs than I can possibly count. I honestly can’t imagine not having my CSz friends as a part of my life. So thank you, guys! I am still not thankful for yams.” – Jimmy “Hero in a Half” Snell


*Not a real promise. Cannot be combined with any other offers. One per customer per visit.
** Not true, but let’s see if Derek notices.


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