Try That On For Size: Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Learning Improv

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When clicking through my digital copy of the San Jose Merc (a fave), the most arresting headline caught my eye that Saturday – I had to read it twice: “Stuck in a routine and a little bored? Try improv.”  ComedySportz (among many other organizations in the Bay) has been using improv as a foundation tool for team building for 23 years now, inviting people to play, discover, create and work together – which is why it was so joyous to see this call to action in print.

Why? As Scheinin mentions in his piece, improv is, “a way for wired professionals to break free from their computers and get silly, get back to child’s play, free the imagination, loosen up, listen and connect – with people, not computers.” 

YES! We believe it wholeheartedly and now others are seeing it too!

CSz San Jose playerz in our weekly improv workshop

Learning improv is not just knowledge for those who wish to perform. It is also useful to those who would like to:

  1. Become more comfortable with public speaking
    You may not have goals of addressing a football stadium full of people, but maybe you’d like to not wet your pants when it’s time to present your next idea with confidence to your colleagues/peers.
  2. Gain confidence when in situations that require you to think on your feet
    The basis of improv is working with the moment you have in your hands and then moving forward to continue to create and avoid halting productivity, no matter what the unexpected roadblock is.
  3.  Increase teamwork skills
    In improv, we create something out of nothing, together. Learn how much more smoothly any team will function with a honed team mentality.
  4. Increase communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
    Improv is made up on the spot, and the scene only grows out of listening and communication skills. Without these building blocks, the scene will break down quickly. Sound familiar with any group project you’re working on?
  5. Play
    Play and mind meshing out of the routine is essential to physical, mental and emotional wellness. Whether it’s dance and indoor soccer or storytelling and sidewalk chalk, play keeps you sharp!
  6. Be surprised
    Meet some new people that you wouldn’t otherwise have run into if you had never broken out of your normal day-to-day routine/circles. Discover moments you wouldn’t normally have experienced in your normal settings. It’s actually pretty fun!

Want to read Richard Scheinin’s “Stuck in a routine and a little bored? Try improv!” ?  Go here. 

Want to learn more about classes? Go here.

Think this might be ideal for corporate team building? Go here.

If you’re taking improv classes now, what made you start? Or, if you haven’t yet, what are your hesitations? We’d love to hear! (comments below are welcome)


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