This week, on a very special episode of ComedySportz…

Posted on 01. May, 2011 by in Blog

This past weekend, the San Jose team had the pleasure of welcoming a guest to their home field, all the way from ComedySportz Los Angeles: Rick Steadman.  Since there are currently over 20 ComedySportz teams in the world, it’s not uncommon to have visiting playerz from cities as close as ComedySportz Sacramento, to as far as ComedySportz Buffalo or even ComedySportz Germany.  For the home team, it’s always a giddy experience – we get to hear new variations on gamez, learn new warm-ups, and catch-up with old friends/make new ones. We hope the Loyal Fanz enjoyed Rick’s visit as much as we did!

(Top) L-R: Omar Abdullah, Forest Baker, Rob Miles, Jeff Kramer, Drew Simchik, Courtney Pong, Martin Antolini; (Bottom) L-R: Alumni player, Rick Steadman, Andy Alder


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