Player Spotlight: Kim “She’ll Be Here All” Weeks

Posted on 04. Mar, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Kim “She’ll Be Here All” Weeks began her improv career back in 2003 when she moved to Chicago to study at The Second City and iO theaters. However, it wasn’t until 2006 when she moved to New York City that she joined the ComedySportz family.  After relocating to the Bay Area just a few months ago, Kim quickly found a new home in ComedySportz San Jose.  When she’s not kicking butts and taking names on the field, Kim enjoys
exploring her new coast and playing with her poohuahua puppy, Jeez Louise.  WARNING: She’s prone to random outbursts of song and dance.*

Player since: October 2006

Favorite game(s): Chain Murder, Audition, 185

Favorite CSz moment: “Getting brown-bagged in my first show for making a “shih tzu” joke in 185.”

Insider Statz:“I’m pretty hard on myself; I don’t feel that I’ve done a good enough job until somebody pees their pants.”



Just to clarify, KIM is prone to random outbursts of song and dance, not Jeez Louise. Although I’m sure Jeez Louise can rock n’ roll with the best of them.

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