Player Spotlight: Jimmy “Hero in a Half” Snell

Posted on 28. Oct, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jimmy became interested in improv after graduating from UCSC with a BA in Theatre Arts. Convinced to take workshops by his childhood friend, Jimmy joined the CSz San Jose team in 2009, and has been performing regularly ever since.

Apart from his interests in improv and theatre, Jimmy loves adventure, be it afternoon tea after climbing the Himalayas, sailing the English Channel in a washtub, or a good old fashioned land race across Mongolia.  He currently works training docents in a museum. It is there, amidst the dusty, disheveled shelves of the museum that he hones his improv skills, making up useless information about the exhibits around him, and presenting them as fact. His personal motto: “Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes.”

Player since: June, 2009

Favorite Game(s):  5 Thingz, 7 Minutes in Heaven, The Machine Where The Strength Of Your Grip Tells You How Manly You Are

Favorite CSz Moment: “I was playing in an outdoor show at Ohlone College when a late-Summer thunderstorm opened up directly behind the field. Best. Backdrop. Ever.” **

Insider Statz: “I talk funny, so much so that people think I have a weird accent. $10 to whoever who can place it.”

To read about that show, go here.

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