Player Spotlight Friday: Michael “Yes He” Wilcoxen

Posted on 28. Jan, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Michael Wilcoxen started ComedySportz when he moved to San Jose with his beautiful wife and 2 Great Danes.  Since coming to California, he has enjoyed many adventures, including working on the Semester at Sea ship, where he sailed around the world and visited 16 different countries, with his favorites being India and South Africa. He hopes to visit Tanzania to complete a safari one day! Other activities include his work at Humboldt State University for 15 years, where he also helped create their improve comedy team, “The B.S. Players.”

Michael also loves magic: …“Since I was a little kid and saw my first magic trick from my Grandpa.  Now I am trying to learn magic myself so I can amaze my nieces and nephews.  They aren’t impressed with my puns… yet!”

His favorite TV shows are Dexter, Chuck, The Office, Attack of the Show, The Walking Dead and Smallville. His favorite movies include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Brian’s Song and Strange Brew.

Player since: June 2009

Favorite Game(s): 5 Thingz, Replay at Bernie’s

Favorite CSz Moment: “When my wife confessed to me that I was not her favorite CSz player…Still trying to rectify that!”

Insider Statz: “I always listen to the same playlist on the drive to the show – lots of loud rock and roll  Elvis, Kid Rock, Metallica, Nickleback and the Psych theme song to end it.  Right before the show, I am so nervous, I bounce in place before we come through the door!”


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