Player Spotlight Friday: Courtney “Let Me See That” Pong

Posted on 11. Feb, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture

Courtney Pong started doing improv when her junior college theatre professor told her “…this might be more your speed” after seeing her suffer through her 3rd, class required monologue – She never went back to theatre. You’re welcome.

She auditioned for ComedySportz at a sister location in Modesto, CA and was cast in the main company, working with The Unscriptables and CSz veteran Justin Worsham, whom she accidentally and on purpose mimics her reffing skillz after. She joined the CSz San Jose team in 2006. In addition to performing, Courtney coaches the CSz Recreational League and is part of the High School coaching staff.

Courtney is San Jose State University alumni and darn proud of it – she received her degree in Public Relations and is enjoying a career in exactly that.  She loves running on trails, walking in downtown and Roller Blading where there’s no traffic. Her favorite downtime activities are catching a baseball game, Scrabble, and UJAM.

She completed the entire series of LOST in 3 months in a race to catch up and join her friends for the series finale, which she thinks could not have been any more perfect and wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not necessary to email her about this.

Player since: Summer 2001
Favorite game(s): Reffing, 5 Thingz & Death Pendulum
Favorite CSz moment: “Forgetting momentarily how to play Da Doo Run Run at the 2009 ComedySportz Tournament in Milwaukee, WI:  I belted the first few lines ( “I met him on a Monday and his name was…” ) very out of turn to a very confused audience and group of players. Probably my most graceful moment.”
Insider Statz: “Right before our team goes on stage for the first time in a show, as a habit, I panic and look down at the color I’m wearing to make sure it’s the right one, in the event that nobody has noticed that I have put on the wrong uniform.  I can’t help it.”


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