Player Spotlight: Derek “The Real” McCaw

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Derek McCaw hung out with all the founding ComedySportz players but couldn’t join because he still had a year left of UCLA. Upon his return, he cleverly tricked CSz San Jose owner Jeff Kramer into letting him take workshops by asking, “Hey, could I take workshops?”

Later, Jeff counter-tricked Derek into becoming a player by asking, “Do you want to play?” Thus began a (so far) 23 year-long saga of japes and trickery which has taken Derek and CSz to some of the most romantic spots on Earth – sadly, with Jeff Kramer. Well played, sir.

By day, Derek works as Director of Performing and Fine Arts at Notre Dame High School in downtown San Jose, and has managed to turn his love of geekery (aka “things Courtney Pong does not understand”) into a website, Fanboy Planet. From that he achieved two childhood dreams. For a year he did a weekly radio segment on BBC-Radio on a late night show as “Our Man in America” covering videogames, movies and TV for the British geek audience in Humberside, and then became a professional comic book writer, most recently for Bela Lugosi’s Tales from the Grave.

Though the kids in junior high said it would never happen, he did indeed become friends with both Luke Skywalker and the Greatest American Hero. All that’s left now is Captain Kirk…

His favorite TV shows include The Venture Brothers, Doctor Who, Chuck, 30 Rock, Community, The Big Bang Theory and he will love to hate and love whatever the CW replaces Smallville with. His favorite movies include Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Some Like It Hot, The Manchurian Candidate, The Iron Giant, Dumbo and Strange Brew, though he resents how Shakespeare totally ripped off the McKenzie Brothers.

Player since: September, 1988

Favorite Game: Shakespeare, Replay at Bernie’s when other people have to play it.

Favorite CSz Moment: “Reffing the first CSz San Jose show after 9/11. Laughter heals, and I didn’t really understand how true that was until that night.”

Insider Statz: “My spleen is made of pure steel.”



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