Player Spotlight: Brianne “Abbott and” Kostielney

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Brianne associates performing improv with throwing up. Let’s explain: She had serious stage fright for the first two years as a professional improviser, and would be nauseous just before shows. She would also consider escape plans on show days (“I wonder how much tickets to Hawaii are for tonight. This mosquito bite on my arm could be chicken pox – I should stay home. Can you accidentally-on-purpose sprain your ankle if you jump off your second story balcony?”). Fortunately her nerves didn’t get the best of her, and she no longer has thoughts of leaping from buildings to avoid going onstage.

Originally from Rohnert Park, CA, Brianne discovered improv in high school when she realized she wasn’t nerdy enough just being a member of the marching band and drill team, and running track and cross country. She started taking improv and drama classes, and loved it so much she went on to San Diego State University and got a bachelor’s in acting. Her degree comes in handy now while working at Google where she pretends to know and care about technology.

She began performing improv professionally after college in 2002 at San Diego’s National Comedy Theater, where she was cast from an open audition. She joined San Jose ComedySportz when she moved back to the Bay Area in 2004.

Brianne’s first name was inspired by an actress on the TV show CHiPs (Brianne Leary, aka Officer Sindy Cahill). She currently takes classes in circus aerial arts so she has something legitimate to fall back on career-wise. She finds Japanese game shows, Portlandia, Arrested Development, Maria Bamford, Reggie Watts, and videos with cats on treadmills and pep-talking little girls hilarious. She still hasn’t been to Hawaii.

Player since: 2002

Favorite Game(s): Stage Directions, Blitzkrieg, Teleprompter

Favorite CSz Moment: “Hearing the audience reaction when I correctly guessed every activity and modification in 5 Thingz – it was awesome! Also, several years ago I pantomimed a shark in a show, and it must’ve gone over really well because Courtney Pong still recounts the moment to me.”

Insider Statz:
“Just before we run out for every show I tap each player on the back and say, “Got your back.” Drew from CSz NY did that when he visited earlier this year, and I liked it so much I decided to keep doing it.”

“I keep asking Psycho Donuts to make a gluten-free donut since I’m allergic to wheat. One day they’ll have a fittingly outrageous treat I can enjoy. Until then… it’s torture!”


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