Player Spotlight: Brandon “Hey” Arnold

Posted on 17. Jun, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture

In little over a decade Brandon Arnold has pretty much done it all at ComedySportz San Jose. At any given moment in that 10+ years you could find him as a Loyal Fan, a High School League member, a workshopper, an usher, Mr. Voice, a Player, a Referee, a High School League coach, an Adult Workshop Instructor, resident designer , and writer of his own player spotlight. Brandon has spent almost half his life (44% to be exact) with ComedySportz and claims “The shows, the workshops, the friends and, most importantly, the fans have made me the person I am today and whether or not that’s a good thing there is nothing I can do to repay anyone for that.”

Outside of ComedySportz Brandon moves his creativity off the stage and on to the computer screen. He spends his weekdays as a web designer at a local ad agency and his weeknights (shameless plug time) building both his freelance web business and his small niche Start-up, CompKarma.

When not performing or designing Brandon can be found in Downtown San Jose/Downtown Campbell shamelessly playing with any dog that happens to be on a walk, listening to many awesome NPR Shows, or being “that guy” spending hours in a coffee shop pretending to look busy on his iPad.

Ask Brandon anything about any sport and he has the remarkable ability of having absolutely no sports knowledge to answer that question with.

Player Since: 2005

Favorite Game(s): The rarely played game of Kwazy Quest (demand it’s played!)

Favorite CSz Moment: “Every year’s High School League Tournament, because every year i get an opportunity to hang out with 100 amazingly excited and super talented young improv students. It’s the most fun and rewarding experience anyone can ask for.”

Insider Statz: “I’ve never once been brown bagged in a show. I think the first time i do I’m going to be so excited I’ll hyperventilate, which will work out great because i will already be breathing into a paper bag.”


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