Player Spotlight: Andy “Perspirant” Alder

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Andy grew up in a tiny town in South Central Kansas, which you may also know as the middle of nowhere. He’s fluent in redneck and can drive a combine.** He attended college in Tulsa, OK and spent 12 years there before relocating to the Bay Area six years ago following grad school to work as an Engineer on Space Junk.

His first improv experience began with a college improv class, where he fell in love with it and started performing with friends after graduating. Upon moving out to the Bay Area, he focused on his other love: running. Andy completed several Ultra-Marathons before an injury sidelined him – and by injury, he means was attacked by a wild liger, which he fought off with his bear hands (not a typo) while saving a group of school children on a sinking battleship in the Sahara.

He doesn’t regret it.

New Year's Eve @ The Retro Dome (December 31, 2010)

Andy missed improv terribly, so he began taking classes again, eventually landing himself a spot on ComedySportz San Jose’s professional company. “YAY!” said Andy in a statement.

Player since: Fall 2010

Favorite Games: 185, Forward/Reverse, 5 Thingz

Favorite CSz Moment: “The first is after cracking a rib in front of a bunch of middle schoolers.  I sat down next to Kevin O’Shea and thought, ‘I just need to break one more and I’m tied with Kevin.’  Soon! The second was during a game of Tag Team Psychotherapist.  I played a creepy, German psychologist that really creeped out the audience member. Every time I would start walking towards her she actually moved behind the stool, away from me.”

Insider Statz: “I love improv and can’t wait to get the theater. It makes me happy.”

“When driving to the theater, I typically practice my rapping, because you never know when Rap Madrigal is coming. Yo yo yo!”

“I like 5 Things because it feels like the audience is personally challenging you. And it’s amazing what they come up with, and equally amazing at the way it pushes us to be better. How the heck am I supposed to get Omar to guess that he’s Playing Squash where the ball is a Zune and he’s playing against a Beatles cover band? I love it.”

** Take that, Kevin O’Shea


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