Mr.Voice Spotlight: David “Phillp Michael Thomas” Scott

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David “Philip Michael Thomas” Scott is a full-time announcer, score keeper, and operator of the lights, videos screens, and music at ComedySportz (a.k.a. “Sound Dude” or “Mr. Voice”), where he is finally able to put his knowledge of PowerPoint and iTunes to good use.  He was first exposed to improvisational theater in college when one of his U.C. Santa Cruz teaching assistants (who had a creepy crush on him) used her influence over his grades to make him watch her improv group perform (badly).  When not spending 100+ hours a week in the computer lab, David Scott also managed to get his FCC license and was a college DJ who played these things call “records” containing female vocal melodic trance music (yeah, it’s a real thing) early in the morning to a listening audience of dozens.

Despite this on-air experience, David Scott never grew comfortable with speaking in front of groups, women, and especially groups of women.  His fortune changed when CSz San Jose founder Jeff Kramer moved next door to a friend of David Scott’s and gave them free tickets.  David Scott was so impressed by watching his first ComedySportz show that he signed up for improv classes that same night.  The fun and supportive atmosphere made it easy for David Scott to improve his women-wooing skills (note: ComedySportz shows are an excellent date activity).

After a few years of taking classes, David Scott was asked to join the ComedySportz team with the side goal of improving the audio and video systems.  Since then he created the program that runs the scoreboard (which is also used by ComedySportz teams in other cities, and has been steadily adding to and improving the quality of their music and sound-effects library.  David Scott loves to play music after each game that obscurely references what is happening in the show, hoping that at least one person in the audience is entertained by this.  For example, after an audience volunteer named “Ariel” helped out with a game, David Scott played the song “Under the Sea”, which is from the movie “The Little Mermaid” whose main character was named “Ariel”.

Player since: July, 2007

Favorite game(s): Oscar-Winning Moment, Shakespeare “because it has bold, over-dramatic characters either loving or killing each other.”

Favorite CSz moments: “When CSz San Jose founder Jeff Kramer performed my wedding ceremony and, of course, improvised part of it to tell an embarrassing story about me wearing a frilly dress at a CSz Halloween show.”

Statement that sums me up: When throwing a party, you can never have too many napkins.

Insider statz: For reasons unknown, David Scott is always referred to as “David Scott” by everyone else at CSz San Jose, even though there has never been another person named David in the cast as long as he has been there.

Also, he is routinely teased for carrying tons of gear in his backpack to each show in case anything goes wrong, including a Leatherman multi-tool, flashlights, several sets of headphones, and a backup computer mouse.


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