Laura Lineback says goodbye to CSz San Jose

Posted on 23. Oct, 2011 by in Blog, CSz Culture, Improv

This month we send longtime player Laura Lineback  off with a round of high fives and a ton of handkerchief waving. We will miss her as she journeys off to L.A.  but wanted to share with you her letter to the Loyal Fanz. Thanks for your continued support and for those of you who have had the pleasure of watching Laura on the CSz field.  Enjoy!

Loyal Fanz,

After doing improv for over a decade and a half, you tend to forget how much you use it, rely on it and treasure it, everyday – It’s only until you’re shown how the other half lives that you’re able to once again see its beauty.

Trying to broaden my funny, I signed up for a stand-up class. Since I was the “Improv Girl,” I was asked to lead the group in some warm-ups, during the class on Riffing. I was astonished at what I found. People seemed…resistant. What? Why?

“This is stupid.” “I look ridiculous.” “I feel like a little kid.”

Um, duh! That’s the point!

Out-loud, I skipped the “duh” part, smiled as big as I could and said, “You’ve got it! That’s the point, to feel like a little kid. To get out of your head, not worry about what others are thinking and just GO for it!”

I forgot that I’m always surrounded by such great improv people. People that “yes and” without being told. People that want to look like stupid, ridiculous little kids

Unfortunately, I woke up the day of my last CSz show with a cold. However,  thanks to DayQuil and 5-hour Energy, the show was a delight. We were able to find that childlike mentality and just go with the moment

The Midnight Show was even more of a thrill. Jeff Kramer did something awesome and beautiful: He told the audience it was my last show and, to celebrate, I would be in every scene in the Montage. At first I thought, “Oh no, I can’t leave the stage!”, but after a while we all clicked and the scenes started to really work. I tried to make my own game out of it, each scene I tried a new character, a new voice, a different motivation

At the end, Jeff forced me to be the last on stage and just stand there as the audience applauded. There was nothing left to do but take it in. Now, as a performer, you want applause – but you want to earn it. You don’t want praise for a job poorly done. Well, I think honest performers feel that way anyway.

Standing there felt great. We had earned it. I had earned it. I couldn’t have asked for a better goodbye.

As we were slapping hands in the hall, I was amazed by the kindness I received from the fanz. They hugged me. STRANGERS HUGGED ME. They wished me the best. They asked what part of L.A. I was moving to. They told me I’d be great. They were so nice, to me. Why? That’s just who they are. Our fanz are our family. I’m going to miss everyone in San Jose.

Thanks for the laughs (and the hugs),

Laura Lineback “to the future”








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