Did You Hear the People Laugh? – Our Newest Musical Ending!

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ComedySportz San Jose is home to some pretty cool things – in addition to boasting the most nerds per capita (Silicon Valley pride!), we have been known for our unique musical endings.  In the past 23 years, the SJ team has paid tribute to Loyal Fanz by treating them to various musical endings after every CSz match. We’ve serenaded the crowd to the tune of “New York, New York*,” crooned along to “Mac the Knife,” and danced along to my personal favorite, “Muppets*.” We’ve paid homage to Police Squad, The Mickey Mouse Show, and The Matrix. We’ve even let Scott Schroder take his shirt off for the Riverdance ending.

Even after the Ref blows the whistle on the last game, the playerz are proud to leave the fanz with one last entertaining Thank You.

This Saturday was absolutely no exception.

Four years in the making came to fruition with the long-awaited debut of the Les Miserables-themed ending, sung to the tune of the original “Do You Hear the People Sing?” – complete with appreciative lyrics and a large red flag.

“Did You Hear the People Laugh” ‘s original concept, recording, lyrics, choreography and flag have all been brought to you by your San Jose playerz**.  Enjoy, Loyal Fanz, our adoration and appreciation for you is what made this possible! View the EPIC world-wide debut below.

Sam Neipp – Musical arrangement and orchestration, choreography

Chris Scharmen – Lyrics, choreography

Kevin O’Shea – Lyrics, choreography

Michele Bielak – Concept and Lyric

*San Jose original creation

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