CSz Out and About: Playerz take on the Annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

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Hey there, Loyal Fanz!

ComedySportz player Cassie “Kiss From A” Rosenbrock here. I wanted to steal a moment to let you know that here at ComedySportz, we see you every weekend where we get to make you laugh and add a little joy to your weekend – But we’re not just improvisers, and we certainly don’t live at CSz. Well, most of us don’t, anyway. (I think CSz player Jimmy may have secretly moved into Psycho Donuts. He smells like sugar and is usually covered in sprinkles.)

We live in your community, we work in your office buildings, we eat your sandwiches that you put in the work refrigerator even though you put your name on the top because we were really hungry and we forgot to bring a lunch from home…and we’re pretty sure that you ate our burritozilla from last week – so now we’re even. We, like most of your friends, like to run into you when you’re out and about. We want to say hi!  Help you pick orange juice at Trader Joe’s (seriously, pulp or no pulp?) and let us get to know you. That way, come Friday and Saturday, when you’re coming down to a CSzz match, we get to see our friends.

This Thanksgiving day, we’re getting out in a big, sweaty way. A few CSz playerz have rallied together to run the annual Silicon ValleyTurkey Trot in our home of downtown San Jose. The race takes place (Rhyming!) early Thanksgiving morning and benefits several local charities. I will be running along with CSz playerz Jimmy Snell and Courtney Pong and I really hope you’ll join us! …Unless you run quickly or are athletic in any way. Our egos are very fragile. In fact, you’ll probably recognize us by the loud sobbing sounds we’ll be making as we attempt the 5K.

Please say hello as you race past the team, or come jog alongside with us and we’ll try to play Thanksgiving themed 185 to keep ourselves from passing out. I’m so excited to see all your faces! If you’re still interested in signing up to run, you can visit the SV Turkey Trot registration page. Leave a comment and let us know you’re coming. Can’t wait to see you there!


Cassie “Kiss From A” Rosenbrock



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