CSz Mashup weekend: Hey, you got your Comedy all over my Sportz!

Posted on 10. Nov, 2011 by in Blog, News

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away! While you ready yourselves to eat the entire left side of the turkey and attempt to cover it up with some paltry carrots and parsley, the CSz playerz are gearing up for our first ever ComedySportz Mashup weekend.  What’s a mashup? Essentially, it’s taking two things and smooshing them together, a concept most popularly seen in music. Taking a page from that, CSz will present an entire mashed up match on Saturday, November 26th. Two, in fact! That Saturday, the 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. matches will feature:

  • Mashup games – Ever seen Blind Choice? (Blind Line + New Choice)  If you like the game 185, you should see it mixed with Onstage Dubbing…
  • Mashup music – Tunez to jam to to help get you in the mood while you watch the above mentioned games
  • Mashup Costume Contests – We’ll be looking to see who attended in the best mashup costume, and awarding cool prizes to the most creative and fun ideas. What does a mashup costume look like?  Think of putting two people together, like Abraham Lincoln and The Hamburgler, to create a whole new person/costume:  AbraHamburgler. Or Jason Patrick Stewart. Or…you get the idea. Start Googling…
  • Any other mashup surprises we want to throw your way.
Should be a fun time for Loyal Fanz! …or even yet-to-be Loyal Fanz who are visiting from out-of-town that Thanksgiving weekend whom you have run out of ideas to entertain them with. We gotcha covered.
See ya on November 26th!


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