ComedySportz takes it to the Decision Makers

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This week I had the opportunity to teach a ComedySportz teambuilding workshop to Junior League of San Jose, an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

The mission? To improve communication, increase their effectiveness working as a team with many voices involved, and shake up their school of thought in how they approach projects.

Quite often, folks are intrigued at the thought of using improv to teach teambuilding.

“Is there Power Point involved?? HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY APPLY!??”

Never, and here’s how:

What I love about improv are the surprises. In our hearts, we’re thrill seekers because we are willing to relinquish control and see where that can take us. Instead of using a script, we thrive on discovering comedic moments, together, and seeing where each moment leads us. Every idea is accepted by the group and then built upon.

To achieve that goal every night on the ComedySportz field, it requires trust, built through quality communication, that creates the platform to share ideas and have them come to fruition.

For the Junior League of San Jose, those are just a few of the elements this workshop touched on: Establishing trust and realizing that Best Laid Plans and Hard Driven Ideas from just one person can take that discovery element out – limiting creativity and overall affecting team efficiency.

Working as a team, we also:

  • Brainstormed 10 + brand new ideas for one of the League’s biggest problems they were working on – all hand-picked and decided upon by the group
  • Created products with full marketing plans – in 5 minutes or less
  • Practiced true listening skills to break hard habits – using a non-verbal activity
  • MOVED AROUND! Without a dry erase board or chart ever making an appearance
  • Bonus: Laughs and Good Times

Not bad for an evening, eh?

Want to learn more about ComedySportz teambuilding for your organization? Go here.

Want to learn about the Junior League of San Jose and the great things they do for the community? Go here.

Want to see a funny video of Shia LeBeouf? Watch below.

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