ComedySportz takes it to Ohlone College: Weather? What weather?

Posted on 14. Sep, 2011 by in Blog

One of the things we love about taking our show out to you, wherever you are, is that like improv, no experience will ever be quite the same.  We participate annually in the Ohlone College Season of the Arts, and every year it’s always a welcoming and fun experience.  Usually we’re in the big theater, but as luck and preliminary forecasting had it, last Friday, September 9th, we were booked for the Outdoor Amphitheatre. It was so awesome! Great lights, an amazing technical crew running everything smoothly, and we had a few hundred people in the audience – we couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming atmosphere!

The Outdoor Amphitheater set-up of our CSz stage - SO AWESOME!

Even WITH the lightning and thunder show behind us that eventually moved us all back into the big indoor theater, we say it’s still a win win.

Huge thanks to the Ohlone sound and lights technicians that were seamless in transferring all of the sound equipment needs back indoors.

A monumental amount of gratitude to all the Loyal Fanz that were sprinkled on, attempted to wait out the thunder and lightning while sitting on metal benches and then dutifully moved indoors like a rogue band of Muppets to finish the rest of the match. You wowed every one of the playerz by sticking it out to laugh with us – it meant the world!

As we prepare to roll up on our 24 year anniversary in the South Bay, we’re reminded that Loyal Fanz, such as the ones we met at Ohlone College that night, are truly the reason we’re able to celebrate our 24th. You’ve kept us going even when we thought we were about to get struck by lightning!


Jeff, Jimmy, Chach, Courtney, Tara, Omar, Laura, Rosa and Sam

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Were you at the Ohlone show? Leave a comment on the blog and tell us about your experience!

A shout out to Zee, the Ohlone improv student, who brought us delicious cookies before the match. They are gone now.




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